Saturday, July 13, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday, 07/13/13

What ho, my beauties! It's another Saturday.

1.) I haz ambitions to get back onto a Wednesday / Saturday posting schedule rather than this one pathetic Saturday post.


2.) Those ambitions have to be seen in order to be believed.


3.) I am hoping I get to make more corsages at work today, 'cause I love making corsages!


4.) Perhaps I'll see if I can make a clay corsage.


5.) I saw two episodes of Supernatural.

My Life Is A Notebook

6.) I'm not certain whether I liked them or not... I will say I prefer Sam over Dean.


And that's my Saturday! I haz studied, posted, and now I must get ready for work. Duty, Adelaide! Always DUTY! (Name that quote. ;)

Till next time,

God bless!



  1. Looking forward to the next post Cat.

  2. How do you like Supernatural? I've heard a lot about it, but the only appealing thing I've heard is that it is about two brothers. (There needs to be more shows with siblings.)

    I don't really know what my average wmp is, I've never timed myself. I've tried, but then I always get nervous and type slower than usual. I don't think I'm terribly fast, and I type wrong, so that probably slows me down. But I'm fast enough to make me happy 8-)

    Medical? Are you becoming a Doctor?

  3. I applaud the Wednesday/Saturday schedule. You must. :D

    NO! YOU MUST NOT LIKE SAM BETTER THAN DEAN!!!!!!! Dean is so freaking awesome and amazing. And... you know... awesome. He's hiding a lot of grief, I think. You must give the laddy a chance. <3

  4. Ha ha! You always crack me up!


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