Saturday, July 27, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 07/27/2013

Good Saturday to you all! Hope your week was good. Mine was lovely. I got a 100% on my last Medical Transcription quiz!

1.) I am excited about the grade.


2.) I'm less excited about going to work.


3.) I am reading The Lord Of The Rings.


4.) I am crying like an idiot over these books!


5.) I wonder why epic, gorgeous books like that aren't getting published anymore?


6.) I am not wildly fond of most new fiction/fantasy/stuff I check out from the library these days.

A Whisper Man. 'Cause Whisper Man are freeeeaky!

That's all for now. Talk to youse all later. Have an amazing day!

God bless!



  1. I feel your pain over the lack of good fantasy books coming out these days. I go hunting high and low for them....and come away with a lack of faith in modern fantasy books. *Does the Josh Groban pout as well.* You should try The False Prince.

    1. The False Prince, eh? Who is the author? I must needs check it out. I like books about False Princes. Usually that means the true prince will emerge, an epic battle will commence, and the rightful heir takes back his throne.

      Isn't that the best pout? He is too cute. :)

  2. Your gifs are perfect. LOL. 'Specially the Josh one. It's so funny. :D


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