Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word of the Day

Today's word is a great word for writers. As writers we tend to get wordy. There are so many great words to choose from, why not use them all? We've learned, time and again, to use only one solid, concrete word instead of hundreds of "it was like" words. It's awfully hard, but it definitely makes a manuscript flow better.

So, today's word:

ad rem ad REM \ adverb, adjective;
1. Without digressing; in a straightforward manner. (adjective)
2. Relevant; pertinent.

Ad rem is a useful Latin phrase that literally means "at thing" from the roots ad and rēs.

"Jacki found it hard to write ad rem when there were so many words to choose from."

Just for fun, take the Word Dynamo quiz... how many words do you REALLY know?


  1. Where do you come across words like these, Cat? I haven't heard of 'ad rem' before. One more learned. (Thanks!)

    Also I feel almost afraid taking that quiz (gulp) ...

    1. Aside from loving Google Translate, I also love, and they have a word of the day every day.


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