Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My favourite Christmas Story -- Number 2

This post is actually a collection of Christmas legends that I absolutely love.

The first is the Legend of the Spider's Web. It is a lovely story, hearkening back to the day when Jesus Christ was but a young Child and His parents were fleeing from the murderous wrath of Herod. As the legend goes, the Holy Family took refuge in a cave, and since it was very cold a little spider sought to help warm the Family by weaving a web across the mouth of the cave. It turns out that the spider's web did more than just warm the Family, for when a troop of Herod's soldiers came by the web protected Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a very special way. You can read this legend here. (There's another story about Christmas Spiders, which is also very lovely but not as wonderful as the Legend of the Spider's Web. You can read the Legend of the Christmas Spider here, and make your own choice about which you prefer.)

Next is the Legend of the Christmas Rose. Young Madelon was dreadfully poor, but she wanted more than anything to worship the Christ Child. Yet seeing the rich gifts being brought to the Babe in His stall she despaired of finding any gift worthy to offer the Infant Saviour. But God does not disappoint those that try to please him, and so He granted Madelon a very special Christmas miracle, and you can read about that here.

Third is the Legend of the Christmas Robin. Have you ever wondered why a Robin has such a red breast? On the night the Christ was born, the night was very cold and the fire that Joseph kindled was feeble. The Robin could not bear to see the Child suffer the piercing cold. This poem here gives an endearing explanation to the cause of the Robin's red breast.

Fourth is the Legend of the Poinsettia. Two children desired to bring some special gift to the Baby Jesus displayed in the village manger scene, as the rest of the villagers were doing. But being very poor they had nothing to bring, except perhaps a few weeds growing beside the road. God shows that a gift given with love is worth more to Him than any expensive offering. You can read this legend here.

Last is the Legend of the Candy Cane, one of my more favourites. The simple little candy cane is given a deeper meaning in regards to its colour and shape with the telling of this tale. You can read it here.

There are many legends about Christmas and Christmas decorations or traditions. These listed here are just my more favourite ones. I hope you enjoy them!

See you tomorrow for the next story. Oh, and don't forget... the contest at Cat's Mathoms is ending on Christmas Eve, so get over there if you have a First Chapter or short story or picture book you want critiqued, and make sure you leave a comment under the contest!

God bless, and Merry Christmas!


  1. I love when you share stories like these. I learn so much! Thanks! I love Christmas stories.

  2. I'm glad you like these, Kelly. I enjoy sharing them! :)

  3. Cat, Christmas stories are my favorite! Thank you for sharing : )

  4. You're welcome, Katie. They're my favourites too.


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