Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My favourite Christmas Story -- Number 3

Up next as Featured Christmas Story of the week is THE WEE CHRISTMAS CABIN OF CAR-NA-WEEN. This story is right up there with my utterly favourite stories to read at Christmas time.

This beautiful little story is written by Ruth Sawyer, and tells the tale of Oona, a tinker's child left on a doorstep in the little village of Car-na-ween.

All her life Oona's one dream was to have a house of her very own, but her tinker-birth betrayed her at every turn. No man in the village of Car-na-ween would dream of making her his wife. As Oona wends her way in life she is doomed to spend it in other folks' houses, helping other folk with their childher, nursing the sick and the very old, and being turned away to wander again whenever her usefulness is at an end.

One white Christmas, when Oona is an old woman and her usefulness finally at an end, she takes her bundle of collected treasures to a hill, and sits there beneath the falling white of snow, welcoming death. But there is a Christmas miracle waiting for her here, a Christmas miracle that will ease all the pain and suffering of a long lifetime and grant to Oona the only dream she's ever had: a wee cabin all her own.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any snippets to enclose here for you to read, but I know you can get this story on Amazon, either as a stand-alone book or in a collection of the Christmas stories by Ruth Sawyer in the book THE LONG CHRISTMAS.

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