Saturday, August 13, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday 08/13/11

Saturday again, and I've been working with clay! I absolutely love the stuff. Want to see what I made? Do you? Huh?

Well, okay. Hold on. First off:

1.) I LOVE working with clay... it is so relaxing.

2.) I just finished reading The Writer's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy (which was a combination book of Orson Scott Card's How To Write Science Fiction and Fantasy and The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference) and it was amazing.

3.) My eyes don't feel so bruised today, but my head still hurts a little bit.

4.) Snickers bars are probably some of my more favourite chocolate bars, along with Almond Joys.

5.) Coffee is my favourite beverage, though tea is nice for evening, along with a little something.

6.) Critiques are fun, but exhausting.

OKAY! On to my little clay man. He's ackshully a gnome. Innee cute? I know, I know! He really is. See all the detail? I love the band on his hat, don't you? I made that out of a strip of brown clay, with "stitches" poked into the surface to give it definition, and I used two flattened balls of crimson-ish clay to create the buttons. It turned out pretty well, didn't it? (Toot toot! That's me, tooting my own horn.)

See, you LIKE him, don't you? I do too. I really love his hat. I used a combination of yellow and "sunset" to get that nice warm multi-colour, and I love the added character it gives him.

I went shopping, see, on Saturday LAST week, and I got myself a clay machine that lets you roll clay out in nice, flat sheets (SO handy) and some clay punch-outs. They sort of look like cookie cutters, 'cept these are teensy and are clay cutters.

You can't see it too well, but on his hat is a cut-out of a little greeny-blue maple leaf. I added little "stitch-marks" to make it look as though it were really fastened to the hat. Cute, eh?

Oh, and this is my secret. This will go no further than you and me, right? See that patch on his pants? Waaaaaal, I ackshully ripped the clay (whooops!) so I had to patch it with a little flattened ball of reddish-brown clay, which I "stitched" most carefully on with my clay tools.

So, that's my little Garden Gnome. I dunno, what should I name him? Root?
I kind of like that. Root, the Garden Gnome.

You can win something like this! Head over to Cat's Mathoms, and enter the contest! You'll be the proud owner of a Cat original, the little Writing Buddy! He's a one-of-a-kind, and so easy to win, too. Just come on down and submit! :)


  1. I'm with you on the coffee definitely! I just got home from a minor league baseball game. We had a great time until be got poured on, but that's our luck. It rains everytime we go to a game, no matter where we are. Oh well. I love the gnome. Love, love, love! You are so talented.

  2. What is your address? LOL. It would be hard to part with Root. I fell in love with him as soon as I pulled him out of the oven after his final baking.

    Ooh, I miss going to baseball games. I haven't been to one in forever. *sniff*

  3. Cat, you are so talented! Root is absolutely adorable, and so detailed. Love it!

  4. Hi Cat! I want to let you know that Out on a Limb, Shy Writer Goes Social has presented you with a Liebster award.

  5. Root, yes. Rhymes with "Toot." He's a charmer and definitely a great writing companion--earthy, sweet and silent. My kind of guy.

  6. Hi Luv, and thanks for the award! :-*

    Claudine, I'm glad you liked him. He IS cute, isn't he? :)

    Cleemckenzie, I look at him and have to smile. I love his hat the most.


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