Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scene Selection

All right, so today is going to be an imagination foray for all of you. I'm going to post a scene, and I want you all to visualize and comment what kind of a story you think the setting belongs in. Add your next sentence or paragraph, too, if you want to. Ready? Here goes:

     The world was white-washed. Where barren trees had once cast their skeletal silhouettes into a grey sky, now they were adorned with budding leaves of snow. The drab streets, cracked beneath the weight of growling cars, had been transformed to white avenues a-purr with muffled motors.
     Grey clouds had torn away to reveal an everlasting expanse of blue. Sunlight spilled out of the sky onto the snow, making sidewalks glitter. Depressed houses, huddled down for warmth, blinked open their shuttered eyes, and added their own icicle-laden sparkle to the world.
     Inside me, though, snow still fell, and cold bit deep into my heart. Not even the clean scent of Christmas snow could kindle joy inside me.
     If only I didn't know he was just a doorbell away. Maybe he would still be here.

Have fun with this! I can't wait to see what you all come up with.


  1. Sounds like it belongs in a literary Christmas romance. Is that what you're asking?

  2. Yes. I just wanted to see what sort of ideas people get from this paragraph, if the very literal will think of it as some Christmas book, if the fantasy-minded will think of it as the prelude to a deeper quest, and all that what-all. I liked your contribution! :)

  3. If only I didn't know he was just a doorbell away. Maybe he would still be here, but even if he were nothing would be the same. Nothing. The blank slate of winter white may have given way to blue skies and drifts sparkled with sunshine, but my heart was too frozen for all that. It would take more than a sunny forecast or happy holiday to mend the distance between us.

  4. Ooh, I like the addition, Janice. Thanks!

  5. How was I supposed to know that the doorbell was the signal? It was too late now. I turned, grabbed my snowboard and continued my climb to the top of the hill. There was nothing here for me now. It was time to move on.


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