Saturday, March 5, 2011

I had a craaaazy busy week this week!
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First off, my sisters and I had to go online and book tickets to Scotland. I decided, then and there during the whole purchasing process, that I love the thought of traveling, and being in the place where I want to travel to, but I hate booking tickets and I hate the airport.

After that, since my fav'rite singer is going on tour and will be in my area in the summer time, I bought tickets to his concert. Hoot hoot! That was the most thrilling moment of the evening! **sigh**

Then, I am in the process of moving into a wee small house with my sister, and so there's a lot of packing up being done. That being said, I'm surprised I have time to post anything!! :-)

However, there is still time to have fun. For one thing, as a consolation prize, I purchased the most adorable monkey that also substitutes as a neck warmer. See, this little animal has some sort of warmth-retaining beads in it, so when you microwave it (or bake at 150 degrees for about twenty minutes, if you don't have a microwave), it radiates heat for quite a long time. Makes you feel fuzzy all over while you're writing and listening to music. Next, I bought a Writer's Tool Box by Jamie Cat Callan, which contains "first sentences", "non sequitors", and "sixth sense" cards that are all made expressly for the purpose of stimulating the right and left side of one's brain.  Last, I bought a book I've been hankering after for quite a while. It's called "The Art of War For Writers" by James Scott Bell, and it is fanTAStic! I love love love books on "How to Write". I always learn so much from those "How to" books! :-)

There was one section from "The Art of War for Writers" that I loved. It depicts a hero and a fool, emphasizing their differences. Here's the section:

"If you want to be a writer, know this:

   A hero knows it takes hard work and a long time to get published; a fool thinks it 
should happen immediately, because he thinks he's a hero already.

   A hero learns the craft; a fool doesn't think there's much to learn.

   A hero keeps growing all his writing life; a fool thinks he's fully grown already.

   A hero fights to make his writing worthy, even when no one's noticing; a fool demands 
to be noticed all the time, even if his writing stinks.

   A hero is persistent and professional; a fool is insistent and annoying.

   A hero gets knocked down and quietly regroups to write again; a fool gets knocked down 
and whines about it ever after.

   A hero makes his luck; a fool cries about how unlucky he is.

   A hero recognizes the worth in others; a fool can't believe others are worth more than 

   A hero keeps writing, no matter what, knowing effort is its own reward; a fool 
eventually quite and complains that the world is unfair.

       Be a hero."
James Scott Bell

Hopefully, that thought will leave you with a little sparkle of inspiration.

Tonight, I'm writing this blog, watching an Avonlea, and leafing through "The Art of War for Writers." Aaah, I live for weekends!

Don't forget the fuzzy monkey. **winky**


  1. I didn't know you were moving. That's why you've been so quiet on the cafe. Congrats on booking your trip and concert. Awesome!

  2. Wow, Cat--Scotland and a house! You HAVE been busy. Let us know when you get moved, and we'll give you a virtual house-warming party at the retreat... :-D


  3. You're like me in the travel department. Love going, hate arranging the details and going through those airport security thingys.

    Enjoy Scotland. My sister and I had a fabulous time. Particularly loved the Hebrides.

  4. Thanks so much, Kelly and Kate.

    Kate, I haven't seen you around in awhile! HOOT HOOT! How are you?

    Cleemckenzie, I just hate airport terminals. I end up feeling like SUCH a criminal, even though I'm not... I hope. LOL I'm really looking forward to Scotland. All those haunted castles...!!!

  5. Wish I had the problem of booking tickets to Scotland, you lucky gal, you. Can I go? I'm sooo jealous!

    By the way, I've nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the details at

  6. You know....I'm prolly small enough to fit into a could take me along if you really wanted too.

    Dreaming of Scotland sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend.


  7. I didn't realize you were this busy I've been worried because I haven't seen you at the cafe. Take it easy don't work yourself to death. yOu're such a hard worker at everything you do.
    Love ya,

  8. Courtney, LOL! I wish I could bring you too.

    Allyn, I'm bringing a lovely journal with me, so's I can document all my 'speriences. I'm going to visit some haunted castles! and a bookstore that sells antique books. Wheee!

    Thanks for the blog award! I 'preciate it.

    Legacy, as you say, "Mwa!" :-)


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