Friday, September 13, 2013

So Keep Me Awake...

A great silence has been on my blog for awhile.


I haz an excuse.


No, s'r'ously, I haz an excuse.


We had a REUNION!!!!!!

It. Was. BRILLIANT!!! We had the best time. The entire family was there, which means we had:

Dad and Mom...
Their eleven children of ten girls and one boy...
Five nieces and nephew from one married couple...
Four nieces and nephew from the second married couple...
Two nieces from the last married couple...
And a few spouses. :)

There were a lot of us. We spent the better part of a week hiking, swimming, talking, and, since we're Italian, eating. Yes, we had some yummy foods while everyone was here. You can go HERE and HERE to check out more pictures!

So, there you go. That's why I've been gone. Hope you enjoyed that. Ta, 'til next time!

God bless!


(This is how I felt the entire time everyone was here. It was beautiful, and I didn't want to miss a SECOND!)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful reason for the blog break. What a lovely looking family! Glad you were able to spend quality time together.

    1. It was amazing. I haven't had that awesome of a time in quite awhile. :)

  2. Why was the first picture blank?

    As I've told your sisters, I think you have the coolest family ever. There is just so many of you, and you all always seem to have such fun!

    Awake, I love that song. I wish he'd put it on his next Album. It is such a pretty song.

    1. I think we have a cool family, too. All those little kids were such fun to be around!

      You know, he actually does have that song on his Awake album, but it's an album I got off his fan site. It is one of my favouritest songs in the world.

  3. I iz full of understanding! Sounds like you had one of the best reasons of all to have a break but glad your back!

    1. It was amazing! I haven't seen my nieces and nephews for so long, and they are all so BIG!


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