Saturday, June 15, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 06-15-2013

It's a beautiful day, aside from a persistent, slightly coldish wind which one doesn't even notice if one is walking quite quickly and briskly through a gorgeous forest with boulders.

1.) That's right, a couple sisters and I went on a gorgeous mini-hike today! (Mini-hike means there were minimal steep parts to surmount.)

There were rocks, however. :)

2.) We are house-sitting over the weekend, which is why we ended up going on a mini-hike. Our usual hiking place was thirty minutes in the wrong direction. :)

3.) THIS is the kind of view we can see from the dining room window of the place we're house-sitting.

Are you jealous? Pretty gorgeous, innit?

4.) (For some reason, my "a" button isn't depressing properly. I wonder if there is a CRUMB beneath the key.)


5.) As a continuation of the GOOD NEWS here in this house, we discovered WHIPPED CREAM in the refrigerator, which we proceeded to use on our awesome coffee. :)

6.) We are going to watch TANGLED tonight. I'm so excited!


That's all for my day. What happened with yours?

So many rocks. :)

And, because life is always better with a laugh, here's Tim Hawkins, for your pleasure. :)

God bless!



  1. What a gorgeous way to spend a day with your sisters, Cat. I am freaking jealous of that view from the dining room window!

    1. It is a BEAUTIFUL place, Claudine. Absolutely amazing. And the acoustics in the kitchen are awesome, so we spent a lot of our time singing. :)

  2. Oh, I love TANGLED!! And Tim Hawkins =D

    1. They are BOTH so good! TANGLED I could watch over and over and over again. Tim Hawkins is my go-to for a laugh. :) Whenever I'm feeling low, he gets me feeling all better... him, and LOLcats.

  3. I love tangled. I also love whipped cream :).

    1. Oooh, whipped cream is SUCH the best! And Tangled always makes me cry... in a happy way. :)

  4. I am definitely jealous of your trip with your sisters and your view. And the fact that you got to watch Tangled together but most of all... the whipped cream. Yum!

  5. All of you are so wonderful. It looks as if you have so much fun together.


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