Saturday, May 26, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 05/26/2012

Good morning, everyone!

For my six sentences today:

1.) I'm cleaning my house like a mad thing right now! *achoo*

2.) I have no good books to read. *pout*

3.) Having no books is a GOOD thing, 'cause it makes me more motivated to work on my WIP

4.) My WIP is showing me new ideas I never thought possible.

5.) Isn't it funny how you hang around other writers, get super jazzed about what you're working on, and come home to discover you had less time to write NOW than you thought you had before?

6.) Memorial Day Weekend! As a shock and a surprise, I'll get to have Tuesday off, 'cause Monday's are my normal day, so I get it anyway! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

That's all. I'm just going to share a couple songs I'm LOVING right now... (my taste is widely spread, so don't feel TOO shocked at the weird array down there.)

God bless



  1. I now know all the words to "lovers"'s so much fun to ding along with.
    Hurray for an extra day off!

    1. You keep "dinging" along, Panda.

      And yes, HURRAY for the day off!

      Hey, did you listen to "You Can Do Magic"? What did you think?


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