Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 05/12/2012

The weekends seem to come so fast, while at the same time the week seems to drag. It's really bizarre.

Anyhoozle, here we are!

1.) I keep browsing Amazon, tossing things I really, really want into my shopping cart, and leaving before I buy anything. My shopping cart's at something like $500+!

2.) I will not buy everything at once. :)

3.) There is an odd bird that keeps clattering up against my window. I wonder what it wants?


5.) I'm feeling a need to go back down to Barnes and Noble. Again. **tries to fight the urge**

6.) Google chat is a beautiful thing.

That's all for today, peeps! Have a lovely Saturday, and go watch THE AVENGERS!

God bless.



  1. Hi Cat,

    Wow, that is some Amazon wish list!!

    I thought of you yesterday as me and a friend were out for lunch and talking about how good it is to celebrate all of the little successes along our writing journeys. She talked about small ways to celebrate - like going to Staples and buying new pens or paper clips, etc. And knowing how you looooove Staples, you popped right into my head.

    Hope you have a lovely spring weekend =D

  2. I want that dog! So cute!

    I can understand about the Amazon cart. Mine probably isn't much better.


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