Saturday, March 17, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday

St. Patrick driving the snakes
out of Ireland
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here in Lake Tahoe we're mostly WHITE with snow, but I hope where spring is bursting out you have a very GREEN St. Patrick's Day.

1.) I am working with BEADS!! Fun-ness.

2.) I can't wait for corned beef and cabbage tonight.

3.) This is going to be quite the weekend for me... St. Patrick's Day today (feast feast feast!), Sunday tomorrow (feast, feast, feast!), and St. Joseph's Day on Monday (again, feast, feast, feast!). Lent has the impact on me. LOL

4.) I've got six books to go through this week, and I STILL want to go to the library today!

5.) I hate going on to Google, typing in "St. Patrick's Day," and seeing the kind of TRASH people post under images. Why does every holiday have to become some kind of "how indecent can I be?" jamboree?

6.) I love LOLcats... hence, the plethora of pictures beneath this post.

God bless, and have a HAPPY, SAFE (tone down on the drinking, peeps), and HOLY SAINT Patrick's Day.



  1. Love the LOL cats! Nice post, Cat. I liked it. :-)

    1. Aren't those fun? My favourite is the one with the black cat and the clover.

      "So... do we, like, cancel each other out... or what?"

  2. You're reading 6 books this week? 6? How do you do it? I'm finishing up a WIP and then I'll take a mini-break from writing novels to read. I'll still write short stories though. I have to keep reading. 6? Really? I can't get over that. I wish I could read that much in a week.

    1. I read during my lunch breaks, on my weekends, in between writing. I'm a really fast reader, though. I can get through a 400 or 500-page MG book in about two-three hours.

  3. Oh my, love those kitteh pictures! (Sounds like you have a lot of reading to do, Cat. Wheeee!)

    1. When I'm super depressed, LOLcats have a knack for giving me a giggle. :)


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