Saturday, March 24, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 03/24/2012

Happy Saturday! Today is the feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel, so it's a pretty special day for Catholics.

Now, onto the topic of the day:

1.) I went to the Bona Fide Books Workshop with Kristen Schwartz today, and it was AMAZING!!!

2.) I have actually managed to get a query letter fully drafted, which is amazing as well.

3.) I SOOOO want to take art classes!

4.) I also want to take another singing class.

5.) I have now seen an actual PB dummy, and I want to put one together for myself.

6.) I also want to create a portfolio, even though I don't have any artwork worth presenting. One day...

That's all for now, faithful readers! God bless and take care.



  1. The workshop sounds interesting. Are you going to tell more about it?

    1. Only if you'd like to hear it. LOL!

      One of these days in the (hopefully!) near future, I'll post it at WR.

  2. Yay for your query letter! That feels good, doesn't it? You should totally do a picture book dummy. You can draw and write. That gives you an edge.

    1. It DOES feel good. It was such a hang-up for me. I'd try to write one, hate it, walk away. Try to write one, hate it, walk away. Now I've FINALLY got one on paper, and while I'm going to play around with it, I don't hate it. I kinda like it. So, YAY!

      I want to take art classes, primarily for colour. I'm going to work on technique too, so I can really pack a punch. :)

  3. It always feel good to get something accomplished, esp. a query letter which frankly I find harder to do than writing the actual book. Congrats to you Kat.


    1. Thanks, Courts. I don't know WHY those darn queries are so hard to write. But hurray! I got one written. :)


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