Saturday, September 10, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday 09/10/11

Wow, you know what I just realised as I wrote the date? It's 9-10-11! Weird, huh?

Okay, so for my sentences:

1.) I enjoy having tea and biscuits in the evening, but coffee in the mornings, noon, and afternoon.

2.) You can get some amazingly gorgeous tents to live in - in fact, they look rather like Hermione's tent in the last Harry Potter films. Check out Exclusive Tents and see what I mean.

3.) I've signed up for singing class - HOOT HOOT! - and I'm so excited!

4.) I'm going to sing "You'll See" by Susan Boyle, and possibly either 1.) Majesty by Hayley Westenra, 2.) Il Mondo e Nostro by Camilla Kerslake, 3.) or something else, by some other singer... as you can see, I'm a bit undecided for my second song. :-)

5.) Yesterday was my birthday (hippo birdie two me!) and I had a lovely day, despite some work stress.

6.) We had some amazing rain today, along with a brief storm of hail.

That's all for today, other than revising, writing, market research, and some episodes of Psych. What have you been doing?

God bless


  1. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a good one.

    Um, I think you and I have the same caffeine addiction. ;) I have to have coffee in the morning. Tea can be mid-morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. Um, and yeah, coffee can be anytime. My only stipulation is I need my coffee first thing when I wake up. Tea isn't strong enough at that time of day.

  2. Cat, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Log onto my blog at to received it and see what it's all about. Congrat's fellow blogger!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Cat, and congrats on signing up for that singing class!

    (By the way, Anne has tagged you on a global blog post. Check out her blog from our blog thread on WR soon, okay?)


  4. Thank you, Denise. :)

    Kelly, yes. FEED ME COFFEE!! LOL

    Allyn, how sweet! Thanks for the award. :)

    Claudine, thank you. I love singing class, so I'm pretty excited for the first day of it. Thanks for the information post, too. :)


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