Saturday, September 3, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday 09/03/2011

Due to hectic schedules and crazy events of last week, I did not do a six-sentence Saturday last Saturday. So, here's my current list:

1.) If you have never heard of Josh Groban or listened to his music, do so now, for not only is he talented and lyrical, he is a comedian, too - I saw him in Concert last week on the 24th of August, and he is just the most amazing singer EVER!

2.) If you have never done the Lord of the Rings Experience (i.e., watching all three movies in three nights) you are missing out on the greatest depiction of storytelling.

3.) I'm re-reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the upcoming movie release, though I'm not quite sure WHEN that release is going to be.

4.) My hair is driving me bonkers today... don't you hate it when you can't get your bangs to curl correctly, and you end up going around with this Pantene-product "fling" to your head in order to get the hair out of your eyes?

5.) I can't believe it's already September - summer, where did you go?!!

6.) Why can't I write like Diana Wynne Jones?

Enjoy! See you next week. God bless.


  1. Hey Cat,

    Carpal tunnel has me bowing out of sharing six sentences, but I still wanted to drop by and read yours. I feel your pain with curly bangs. Its a lifelong battle ;)

  2. Don't know if I've listened to Josh Groban. Don't think I could do the 3 films in 3 nights, well not with my family around anyway. As for the rest of it, I know exactly what you mean about hair. I have the same problem. Summer, what's that? Lol. Sorry I haven't heard of Diana Wynne Jones, so can't comment.


  3. Cat, a week ago my hair was really getting on my nerves to I completely chopped it. It barely touches my shoulders and it used to go about halfway down my back. I can't believe it's September already either. My daughter starts school this week. :(


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