Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today is Saturday: On Everything Else

All rights, peeps, I'm setting myself a blog schedule. That's right, you heard me! From now on, come h--- or high water, I'm going to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. (Did you like my discreet edit of that actual word there? I try to keep it clean. :-)

Monday will be my "On Writing" day, where I talk about all things writing, whether it be my writing, a friend's writing, or a learned author's recommendations on writing.

Wednesday will be my "On Reading" day, where I talk about all things reading, whether it be my stuff I've read and what I've learned, a friend's writing and what I learned from them, or just a book I'm reading and what I've learned or come away with.

Saturdays will simply be about everything else under the sun, such as the snow that fell last week, the way the sun is shining, the new book I found at the bookstore. I may possibly insert such anecdotes into my other posts, and I may occasionally add a bonus post or two (or three or four, depending on how motivated I am during a week) that are simply about life, but the above schedule is my intended resolution.

So today is Saturday: On Everything Else. O
n to the fun stuff.

Well, I have to tell you, I'm a real music lover. I've decided that the best way to get someone into a happy spot (after food, the all time happy spot finder) is through music. Today, I bought one of those nature sounds CD's that usually play piano or instrumental melodies set to the background sound of ocean waves, wind, or rain. I love those CD's... I don't know why. Actually, yes I do. Those nature sounds CD's put me in a happy place, in a place of relaxation and rest, where I can actually let go of my mind and think.

When I sit on a couch (or at my desk, or on my bed, or curled up on the floor in a blanket) and write, I love to have some sort of instrumental music playing. It blocks the noise from the world, and lets me settle into my zone. Usually I have soundtracks, but nature CD's seem to work even better. There's something about the nature sounds, I think, that can let my easily deluded mind visualize an outside place, some sort of primeval landscape, a forest stream, maybe, where my thoughts go straying.

While we're at it, I like to have a cup of tea, too. With honey. And some lovely whipping cream. Mmmm. Maybe I should add a cupcake. Chocolate. After all, chocolate is a natural anti-depressant, and after I re-read a chapter of my story, whichever I'm working on (I know, I oughtn't to re-read. Bad, bad Cat!), I can be depressed. Hence, the chocolate.

I'm set, I think. Let me just plug in...

Aaaaah. Listen to that thunder roll. I'm in my happy place. Let the ideas flow!

Whoops. That's okay. I can make more tea later. I can clean that spill later, too. Right now, the words are all that matter.


  1. Good for you for deciding to stick to a schedule. I think it makes it easier for you and your readers. I love you topics for each day you'll be posting, too. Nice job, Cat!

  2. I wish you good luck on your schedule. Wish I could do that, but life simply has a way interfering with my blogging! Love your beautiful colors; very welcoming and soothing. Might have to rethink my design. Hmm.

  3. Kelly, you are so sweet! :-*

    Cleemckenzie, I love dark websites and blogs. I find I can read more sites that are darker rather than light. I think it's something about the glare. Anyhoo, thanks for the comment! That was very nice of you. I love my li'l site, too. :)

  4. Good luck with the schedule! Looks like you'll have fun with the topics you've picked.

  5. I admire your sense of organization!
    As for me, I'm a tea-drinker when I write. It perks me up, but mellows me out at the same time. A rare combination.

  6. Schedules are good. I'm a schedule person, too, though I sometimes run behind. Have fun.

  7. Hi, Cat! Setting a blog schedule saved my life - I don't always follow it, but just knowing that it's there helps me switch off from blog to novel mode. I hope it works as well for you. :)

  8. I do blogging Monday. I update my own blog, and I cruise around to all the blogs I follow and catch up on whats going on, as well as hunting around for new blogs and such. That is the only day I do blogging at all. The rest of the week is divided up into reading, writing, editing and admin. If I didn't break it up, I would never get anything done. I applaud your schedule, I wish I could blog more. I just dont have the time.

  9. Congrats on the blog schedule. I keep contemplating it.

  10. So far, I got my Monday blog in. Hurrah!

  11. Writing by hand even though I have trouble reading my own handwriting. I love it. It just takes to much time. I love doing it in the park in the summer too.


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