Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From High Fantasy to Historical Fiction. Any takers?

What is your favourite genre to write?

I used to think I could ONLY write one genre, and that genre was fantasy, all fantasy, high, low, comic, light, dark. You name it, I wrote it. However, I like to think I have matured just a little. :) I owe my "maturity" to two different sites, two sites that still give me tons of inspiration and writing confidence.

One is Critique Cafe, my little niche of the cyber world where I can chill with my critique friends and just talk about our hopes, excitements, bummers, and joys of writing life.

The other site is the Writer's Retreat at the Institute of Children's Literature's website. It is a great place to connect with hundreds of other writers. It's a place where people are willing to critique stories for you, where people lift you up when you are down, and where you get so much helpful news into the publishing world of writing.

Both of these sites have helped me in more ways than one. They've helped me gain confidence in myself as a writer. I know I can write MORE than just fantasy.

Granted, all of us have our own special niches. Me, I still love to sit in her little world of fantasies and mysteries and plot out stories that combine a little bit of each fantasy/mystery element. Even though I have since experimented with picture books, steampunk (a genre that is fast becoming a favourite style of mine, to read AND write), and science fiction, fantasy and mystery are my two genres that I LOVE to write.

But because of Writer's Retreat, and Critique Cafe, I have been able to experiment with different genres outside my comfort zone.

Next on my agenda for "experimentation" is Historical Fiction, because I've heard that Historical fiction is on the rise. We've gone through vampires, fairies, and angels. Time to take it to the next level, right? Agent Ginger Clark says to think of this uprising Historical Fiction trend as "Tudor for teens." That could be interesting.

Hey, I've tried (nearly) everything else. Historical Fiction is a lake waiting to be jumped into. Do you want to come with me? The water's fine.


  1. I'm not sure I could write Historical Fiction. To be honest, I don't really read it. Although, there are a few select titles in this genre that are on my TBR list. Good luck! I look forward to critiquing it for you!

  2. I've got a conspiracy thing brewing for a futuristic theme...mostly write paranormal, horror all mixed with humor.

  3. The plays I write for a living are murder mysteries but novel-wise, I write fantasy, children's and some that border on horror. It's good to vary it.

  4. I wrote a YA historical fiction called Refugees. It took a year of research! You have to like research to stomach it. (Which I do)

  5. I've got a WIP outline of a historical fiction somewhere that I was working on, before I got lassoed into the great world of Writer's Retreat. I'll have to revive the poor bugger.

    Shelly, that story you're writing sounds WAY cool! Paranormal is something I've yet to delve. It's a little on my "To-Try...-LATER" list.

    Fi, playwriters earn my undying admiration. I don't know how you do it. What a cool niche to be in, though!

    Catherine, research, if plotted well, can be WAY fun, can't it? Luckily, I'm going to Sco'land in April, apparently just in time for the prince's wedding week, and I just can't WAIT to soak in the scenery. Ideas, setting, plot... ooooooh!

  6. The idea of writing historical fiction...terrifies me. :-/ So far every time I've tried, I've ended up getting frustrated because the characters don't talk or act right! **growl** I shall endeavor to keep trying though.

  7. Hey, Teresa, I never new you tried a historical fiction novel! Cool!

    Lots of good advice in this post, Kit! :-) I am thinking about joining a writer's group...this weekend? It makes me nervous Hehehe.
    Good post though...but they alwasy are!

  8. Hi Cat,
    As you know, historical fiction is my most favorite genre. The novel I've just finished took 2 years of research, and a barge trip down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers before I ever wrote a word. The writing took 3 years, but I have to admit I also wrote a contemporary novel during that time. Now it's ready to send out, and I'm ready to start researching the next one.

    Good luck with your ideas. You're a wonderful writer, so you will do fine. Just make sure your research covers, weather, colloquialisms of the time, food, anything and everything that will be pertinent to your story.

  9. Mostly I write contemporary fiction. I do have two paranormal stories, one published, one looking for a home, and a couple of historical fiction books. Like you, I enjoy writing in different genres. Sometimes the story demands to be written. Who am I to argue?


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