Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Day!!

I'm so tired tonight. It was quite a day at work. It was rather amazing how many people can have eye problems at ONCE.

Usually, there is a patient that comes in about every half hour. Sometimes we are double booked with an exam and a quick check, no biggie. However, today, at 9am this morning, there were a couple emergencies waiting to see Dr. Downey as well as scheduled exams and a couple people who were early. I came downstairs to see six charts waiting for me, where I usually see one or sometimes two. I just looked at Alicia, who does front desk, and started laughing. "What is WITH this day?"

It didn't get much better from there. Everyone got seen, but after a nearly straight eleven hours, I don't like people much. **Sigh** I'm already looking forward to the weekend, and it's just Monday!

(And tomorrow, a COG, aka creepy old guy, will be coming in for an eye exam. Ten to one he asks me out on a date. Blech.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dragon Dawn

Ta Da!!! My Poem is out and on display! This is my very first public publication. This is my very first published work. It is a rather "wow" sort of feeling. Head on over to Publication and Achievements section and follow the link to Soft Whispers e-zine, and my poem.

Hurray! Isn't God good?

Monday, June 14, 2010

SoftWhispers Acceptance!!

I just went into my inbox today, and discovered that my poem "Dragon Dawn" was accepted for publication on the Soft Whispers E-zine. It will be appearing on Friday this week. I'm very excited. I just wanted to share my first acceptance with you all.

I'll post the link to the site when my poem appears. Thanks everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Too Many Books?

When do books start becoming too many? I'm afraid I am a total book addict. I go to the library and crash their book sales. I buy out all their $.50 cent books.

The Overloaded shelf in my closet

I'm a sucker for a sale. A few weeks ago, I bought thirty books from the library and only spent fifteen dollars. That is really a bargain. I don't know why people laugh at me. Didn't that sound like a reasonable investment?
Another shot of my closet

Books disguised as knick-knacks

Yesterday at the library, they were selling a bag of books for a dollar. Really, how could I refuse? Another thirty books or so came home with me, and only for three dollars this time. Now, there really isn't a bargain that could beat that one!

Second-hand stores are not safe from me. I haunt their book sections and bring home at least one or two books. Antique stores sell some fabulous old books, too. If I can get 'em, I will.

Books hiding in a cupboard,
for fear I'll get rid of them.
As if!!
When I go on trips it gets really complicated. I have to make sure I leave enough space in my suitcase for a cartload of books. It's essential.

Books hiding behind my
statue of St. Joan.
I go to Borders so I can peruse the new titles and put them on hold at the library. One of my favourite gifts in the world is a beautiful gift card to Borders or Barnes and Nobles. Here I come, baby!

However, the grim truth is this. I look around my room, seeking out hidey holes where I can stash my books, and the truth hits me. Too many books might be when I have to move out of my room.

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