Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Day!!

I'm so tired tonight. It was quite a day at work. It was rather amazing how many people can have eye problems at ONCE.

Usually, there is a patient that comes in about every half hour. Sometimes we are double booked with an exam and a quick check, no biggie. However, today, at 9am this morning, there were a couple emergencies waiting to see Dr. Downey as well as scheduled exams and a couple people who were early. I came downstairs to see six charts waiting for me, where I usually see one or sometimes two. I just looked at Alicia, who does front desk, and started laughing. "What is WITH this day?"

It didn't get much better from there. Everyone got seen, but after a nearly straight eleven hours, I don't like people much. **Sigh** I'm already looking forward to the weekend, and it's just Monday!

(And tomorrow, a COG, aka creepy old guy, will be coming in for an eye exam. Ten to one he asks me out on a date. Blech.)

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