Friday, June 4, 2010

Too Many Books?

When do books start becoming too many? I'm afraid I am a total book addict. I go to the library and crash their book sales. I buy out all their $.50 cent books.

The Overloaded shelf in my closet

I'm a sucker for a sale. A few weeks ago, I bought thirty books from the library and only spent fifteen dollars. That is really a bargain. I don't know why people laugh at me. Didn't that sound like a reasonable investment?
Another shot of my closet

Books disguised as knick-knacks

Yesterday at the library, they were selling a bag of books for a dollar. Really, how could I refuse? Another thirty books or so came home with me, and only for three dollars this time. Now, there really isn't a bargain that could beat that one!

Second-hand stores are not safe from me. I haunt their book sections and bring home at least one or two books. Antique stores sell some fabulous old books, too. If I can get 'em, I will.

Books hiding in a cupboard,
for fear I'll get rid of them.
As if!!
When I go on trips it gets really complicated. I have to make sure I leave enough space in my suitcase for a cartload of books. It's essential.

Books hiding behind my
statue of St. Joan.
I go to Borders so I can peruse the new titles and put them on hold at the library. One of my favourite gifts in the world is a beautiful gift card to Borders or Barnes and Nobles. Here I come, baby!

However, the grim truth is this. I look around my room, seeking out hidey holes where I can stash my books, and the truth hits me. Too many books might be when I have to move out of my room.

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