Saturday, September 11, 2010

Howl's Moving Castle: A Tribute Poem

This is a poem that I wrote, based on a book that I love. This is a tribute poem to Diana Wynne Jones, author of Howl's Moving Castle. I hope anyone who reads this, if they haven't read the book yet, shall be so inspired to do so. Enjoy!

Howl's Moving Castle
A Poem Told In 458 Words.

Sophie was the eldest.
Sophie was depressed.
While Sophie Hatter talked to hats her
mettle was suppressed.

A Witch lived in the Waste, and
this Witch came in to buy.
Her rudeness woke up Sophie’s tongue,
and caused her to reply.

Sophie lost her temper.
Sophie got a curse.
From young to old she swiftly went,
and life got quickly worse.

Sophie sought her fortune,
Talking as she went.
She found a stick and made it live
by saying what she meant.

Sophie found a scarecrow,
Brought it quite to life,
Freed a dog and fled the scene,
complaining ‘bout her strife.

Sophie sought a castle
Coal-black as a frown,
Owned by Wizard Howl, and
allowed to roam the town.

Sophie took up residence,
Brandishing a towel.
She found a star named Calcifer was
bound to Wizard Howl.

Sophie met young Michael.
Earnestly, he charmed.
Sophie met the Wizard Howl and
Promptly was alarmed.

Sophie made a bargain,
Calcifer, a clue,
Sophie tried to clean Howl’s room but
didn’t manage to.

Sophie scrubbed the bathroom,
Sophie washed the sink.
Sophie mixed up Howl’s fine soaps, and
turned his hair quite pink.

Howl had quite a tantrum,
and Howl sank in gloom,
Then Howl’s dreadful tantrum oozed green
slime throughout the room.

Sophie cleaned the tantrum.
She tried then to depart.
But Scarecrow had been following, and
startled Sophie’s heart.

Howl shook off the scarecrow,
Mended Sophie’s scare.
Sophie stole his seven-league boots and
went to take the air.

Michael mixed a spell up,
didn’t get too far,
Went out roaming on the moors, and
tried to catch a star.

Waste Witch reappeared then,
to make threats on the King.
Howl was called upon to help, but
Howl, well, had this thing…

Howl, he made a perfect plan,
because he had an aim,
Sophie played his Mother, for to
blacken Howl’s name.

Sophie made a blunder,
and Howl’s aid seemed fated…
Howl went out to get a drink, and
got inebriated.

Howl caught a head cold;
complained quite shockingly.
The Witch killed Mrs. Pentsemmon and
Howl, he went to see.

Howl, he fought a battle
Of witchery and wit,
The Witch was made to run away: It
Mattered not a bit.

For Howl, he was in danger,
But Howl just wouldn’t say.
The Witch’s demon sought his heart, so
Howl moved quite away.

Scarecrow made reentry,
A skull’s head clamor caused.
The Witch’s demon tricked them all,
But Sophie hardly paused!

Sophie lost her temper,
The demon kept its head,
Howl’s heart was in its hand, but
Sophie, she saw red.

The Witch was blown to powder,
The demon fell apart.
And Sophie freed up Calcifer,
And mended Howl’s heart.

All went back to normal,
Sophie wasn’t old.
Howl’s heart was back in place:
This story’s finally told.

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