Thursday, September 16, 2010

God and Man: a poem


A derelict stable, quite forgotten,
A Godly Baby born within,
Sinless love come down from heaven,
Selfless, saving us from sin.

Pure, unwritten paradise,
Born into the world’s great dark.
In His Hand remark the imprint
Of a shadow-nail’s mark

A mess of hate, a multitude,
Delivering God to human power,
To put Him through an awful Passion,
Delivering Him to His fateful hour.

A bridge of mercy spans His lifetime,
A shaming tattoo scars our hearts,
This Hero goes to die for us;
Language of His love He imparts.

A rust of sin upon us stains
As God in torment, hanging, dies,
The darkness comes, devouring,
In that moment men realize,

"Truly, He was Son of God.
Truly, this was God most High.”
Through the darkness there’s a calling,
God was born so God could die.

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