Thursday, February 26, 2015

Something Writerly About Dreams

So, I don't know about all y'all, but I've not been sleeping well.

I have a gun!

(There are a few voices calling from the aether - they are saying...
Aether voices, I salute you.)


Anyhoozle, the weirdest and random dreams have been plaguing my subconscious.  Like one time I dreamed of storm clouds that went roaring by, sort of like those old Disney movies where it films the clouds in fast-forward, and seconds later a veritable tidal wave flooded the landscape.  This happened twice.  It felt quite portentous.


Another time I dreamed someone had been falsely accused of murder, and there was a frantic rush while we rushed the accused to safety, and it was very Bourne/Narnia.  I know, right.  Weird.



Another time, the dream started IN prison, one of those old antique prisons, and the nice little prisoner very cleverly found a way out of the prison, picking up a random hairy stranger on the way, and at the end of the dream the nice little prisoner gets hurt and the hairy stranger (who apparently magically sheds his extreme hairiness) has to protect him.

I dunno

Anyway, I mention dreams because I had one where nightmares and bad dreams are different from each other, in that bad dreams are essentially that - BAD dreams - and nightmares are the conscience that can steer a bad dream back to good dreams.
That's cool, folks.

I mention THAT because I feel like an oft forgotten necessity for writers is to always keep a notebook by their beds.  You never know when an idea will attack you while you sleep.  You have to be ready for it, ready to pounce.

Yep.  I just posted a writerly blog post!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!

Pretty much!
Oh, and if you are ever feeling "dried up" creatively, think about buying one of these suckers:

Buddha Board
 I "impulse bought" one at Barnes and Noble the last time I was down there, and it is incredibly soothing and freeing.  You just use a little water and the water "paints" on the canvas.  It's non-permanent, and you wouldn't believe how fun it is to just draw knowing nothing will be permanent.  I love it.  I want a big one.  I bought the mini, which fits in my purse, but I want the big one now.

No, the big one! Big one!

This is the Cat, leaving you with THAT whisker of wisdom.

Cheers and God Bless!

The Cat


  1. I didn't sleep well last night thanks to a migraine that was so bad the pain made me sick. I'm still recovering today and dreaming of sleep.

    1. Aw, that sucks, Kelly. Once upon a time I suffered from migraines, but thank God THOSE are over. I empathize. :-*

  2. "This post, I LIKE IT!" *Shakes laptop because I refuse to throw it to the ground* "Another!"
    Your dreams.....

    1. They disturb me too, sometimes. I mostly wake up going, "What? What?" Why?"

  3. The last dream that stood out for me was one of those dreams where the environment is constantly changing from one minute to the next.

    1. Yeah, that was weird. It was the crazy rolling clouds that did it. I mean, why crazy rolling clouds, you know?

  4. Dreams are crazy. XD

    But I always love to see you've posted. And this one was no less fabulous than your other awesome ones. The gifs were funny. How do you find all these?? XD Brilliant.

    1. I find all these brilliant gifs because *I* am brilliant.

      "Hello, I'm the Doctor. I'm a genius." ;-)

  5. I had a dream where there were twin brothers and it was sad and kind of weird

    Dreams are weird.

    You should write a modern fairytale type thing. it would be cool.

    ELEVEN! *dies*

    I tagged you!

    1. "I do not want this tag. I have never wanted it."

      But I might do it anyway.

      I have two fairytalish ideas. Well, three. Maybe four. But two for sure! One involves nightmares. The other... involves nightmares! I wonder why THAT is?

  6. Ayiyi, you too? It's getting to be a veritable epidemic, this not sleeping well. though I think I might have FINALLY figured out what my problem has been.

    I've been having really bizarre dreams, too.

    That part about the bad dreams versus nightmares is intriguing....

    I'm starting to think this not sleeping well/having really weird dreams is a strange virus brought to Earth by aliens who are attempting to use it to mind-control us. Except that, so far, Humans like us have proven resistant to the control.

    Now I'm starting to worry.... :)

    I hope you start sleeping better soon! I tagged you with an LOTR/Hobbit tag over at my blog:

    1. Ah, so. I shall do yours and Bella's tags in the same post, methinks. :-)

      Yeah, some weird dreams. We shall see what happens with the nightmare vs bad dreams one.


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