Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doctor, can you sonic me a giveaway?

I have been so busy I'm having the worst time getting myself back on schedule with blogging. That being said, I haz two cool things to share.


I received a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday, so I got myself the coolest sonic screwdriver replica. Is that not cool? Is that not bee-yooooo-tiful? I haz much fondness for it already. :)

(I haz put it in my purse, so I can sonic things as needed.)

2.) Hilda is hosting a giveaway! She has just published a book called The Invisible Spy, and the lucky winner will get a signed copy of this book, as well as a very nice star ring, which is a replica of the magic ring her main character has in The Invisible Spy. A very lovely giveaway, wouldn't you agree?

If you'd like to enter Hilda's giveaway, the deadline is September 21, so you have TWO MORE DAYS to get your entry in!!!

Now Hilda has some questions she wants answered. Here they are:

1) If you could spy without being seen, which celebrity would you spy on?
Josh Groban.


2) What would you do if you teleported over to your celeb's house?
Lurk in awkward embarrassment somewhere out of sight, and maybe see what kind of books they enjoyed reading. Or movies they liked watching. Or music they preferred to listen to.


3) Would you lend your magical ring to someone else? Who?
No. It's my magic ring. I'd hate to have someone lose it!


4) Would you spy on your crush and friends?
It depends on how bored or angry I was. 


5) Would you tell anyone of your secret (magical ring)?
Only my sisters.


6) What would you wish for?
A beautiful little church with a steeple. And a bell tower.

"Guys, I want a chapel."

7) Finally, why would you like to win this giveaway? Be honest. ;)
I love books. And jewelry. It's a win-win!


So that's all from me. If you'd like to enter Hilda's giveaway, just click here.

As always, have a nice day.


God bless!


Friday, September 13, 2013

So Keep Me Awake...

A great silence has been on my blog for awhile.


I haz an excuse.


No, s'r'ously, I haz an excuse.


We had a REUNION!!!!!!

It. Was. BRILLIANT!!! We had the best time. The entire family was there, which means we had:

Dad and Mom...
Their eleven children of ten girls and one boy...
Five nieces and nephew from one married couple...
Four nieces and nephew from the second married couple...
Two nieces from the last married couple...
And a few spouses. :)

There were a lot of us. We spent the better part of a week hiking, swimming, talking, and, since we're Italian, eating. Yes, we had some yummy foods while everyone was here. You can go HERE and HERE to check out more pictures!

So, there you go. That's why I've been gone. Hope you enjoyed that. Ta, 'til next time!

God bless!


(This is how I felt the entire time everyone was here. It was beautiful, and I didn't want to miss a SECOND!)

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