Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six-Sentence Sunday...

...because, once again, I missed my Saturday. Truly, it did NOT feel like Saturday yesterday. Don't know why. Totally forgot it was. So, here's my Sunday post instead.

1.) I freakin' LOVE Christmas!!! (Just like THIS cat):

2.) I absolutely love "Mickey's Christmas Carol", and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song from it:

3.) One of my favourite Christmas movies of them all is "It's A Wonderful Life," and that could be because I utterly adore Jimmy Stewart.

4.) I do not like snow at all, but this is the only time in the world I actually like to have snow on the ground, simply because it makes the world feel like Christmas. I mean, which FEELS more like Christmas?

5.) I do NOT like the generic "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings." Everyone knows this is Christmastime. Therefore, please use the proper greeting.

6.) I tend to feel extremely crafty during Christmas, and I never give myself enough time to get projects done, so I end up feeling a bit like this:
Yes, I think I'm a Whovian. At least a Doctor Eleven Whovian, anyhoozle

That's all for now. I hope youse all have a good week, and for those of you who celebrate it, I hope your third week of Advent is quite wonderful too.

God bless!!



  1. Replies
    1. I really am just like that cat. I seriously freakin' DO love Christmas!! :) Merry Christmas, Kelly.

  2. Crafty means sly.


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