Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little Things, LOLcats, and Words of the Day

Little things bother me.

Like a fly buzzing around the room. That really  bothers me. Or water dripping. That constant plink, plink, plink. It's SO irritating. Or the people next door, blasting jazz. That makes irritation more of a slow smolder.

What do you do when something is driving you crazy? I do one of several things. I either: 1.) Go to Pinterest or Amazon (or both) and browse for awhile, 2.) Browse Google Images for my (current) favourite movie actors, or shows, or 3.) Look up weird and random facts, words, or slides of LOLcats.

I looked up LOLcats. I liked these best:

Afterward, I looked up the word of today. It's abstergent (ab-STUR-juhnt)

As an adjective;
1. Cleansing.
2. Purgative

As a noun:
1. A cleansing agent, as a detergent or soap.

It comes from the Latin word abstergēre, which means "to wipe off."
So, there you go. Maybe after you crawl under the sink to fix whatever's causing the tap to drip, break your pipe, flood your house, and call a real plumber, you might want to call forth your abstergent nature and take a shower. Good luck.


  1. Cats are so crazy! Mine's in hiding since we got a puppy. The puppy likes her and sniffs her but my mean old cat hisses and tries to bite the poor puppy. She's so evil.

    1. I wonder why cats just don't want to get friendly with dogs, whereas dogs are just amiable lovers. However, getting a kitten with an old dog... now THERE'S fun!

  2. I love the lol kittehs. :-)That's a good word.

  3. Yes, it is. Abstergent. Abstergent. Abstergent. If you say it too many times too fast, you're tongue gets tangled.

  4. I like the first pic best : P


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