Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 04/21/2012

Good morning, everyone! It's back to Saturday. I'm going to Barnes and Noble today, so I have to make this a quickie post.

1.) I do not like the new dashboard layout blogger is using.

2.) I got my new computer bag for SCBWI! It's absolutely perfect.

3.) I surprised myself by liking Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, though I think the main reason was Jeremy Renner, who I liked instantly from seeing him in Thor as Hawkeye. (There is one scene where the main girl character is wearing a NAUGHTY DRESS, and afterward she is changing in the car with Tom Cruise in it!!! Shame on her. Other than that, I THINK it's pretty clean.)

4.) Everyone who thinks that the Bourne Legacy should have been called something other than BOURNE Legacy (since Bourne isn't IN it) raise your hands... though, I'm glad Jeremy Renner is going to be the "new" Bourne. But still! How about Blackbriar Unleashed, or something corny like that?

5.) For some reason, my printer is acting like it's out of ink, though I happen to know I just changed the ink cartridges in it. Stupid thing.

6.) THIS looks pretty awesome. One day...

That's all for now! Talk to youse all later, my dears.

God bless!



  1. Good morning, Cat. Look at you all punctual this weekend with you post ;)

    I agree with you about the Bourne Legacy. It is a misleading title.

    The Bamboo tablet thingy is awesome. My older daughter got it for sister on her last birthday.

    1. OOh! How does she like the Bamboo Create? I've been wondering about it.

  2. I'm so frustrated with the new Blogger dashboard. I schedule my posts ahead of time and they don't post. I had to manually post it this morning half an hour after it was supposed to post on its own. Grrr! Fix it, Blogger!

    Sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet. :P

    1. Yeah, I hate it too. I think you can change it to the old dashboard, though. If you go to DESIGNS at the top of the page, then go the SETTINGS, and in the settings click BASIC, there should be the Global Settings at the bottom where you can choose your post editor. I selected Old Editor. :)

  3. Cat,

    I hadn't even noticed the change to blogger yet. Ugh

    I loved Mission Impossible except there was no real love story, which I like to see.

    Have you been trying to use MY printer without me knowing!! I've been having the same exact issues with mine. I just changed the ink and it's now printing everything to pinky. Grrrrrrr

    1. Allyn, blogger seems to be acting a bit goofy. HATE it!

      Loved Mission Impossible, and I actually preferred this one because there wasn't any sort of love story. Funny, huh?

      Yeah, dumb printer. What's up?!!


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