Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday 11/19/2011

I manage to miss my Wednesdays quite frequently, and this is a sorrow to me. I feel like I spend so much time writing that I forget about my blog until late Saturday.

Anyway, here we go.

1.) It's gratifying when your sister tells you that the rough draft of your story is better than a published story she's reading... I realise one should not rely on family members for a critique, since there tends to be prejudice involved, but it is nice to hear that my descriptions are better than a published authors. *blush*

2.) I just bought Kate and Leopold from a video rental, which was cool!

3.) My employer agreed to wear a green scapular, which is AWESOME!

4.) Google Translate is pretty cool!

5.) I'm not sure when I'm going to find time to read next.

6.) My current favourite book is my own... how proud is that?

That's all! Thanks for listening to me rant. LOL

God bless.


  1. Cute post Katrina. I love all your sentences and I've seen Kate and Leopold a couple times.

  2. your book *is* better than the published one. No prejudice involved! It's like... Diana Wynne Jones. :)

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to critique this story that has you so smitten! I hope I get to critique it.

  4. 6.) My current favourite book is my own... how proud is that?

    This one's my favorite sentence! LOL

  5. Thanks, Eve. I love Kate and Leopold. It's such a cute love story.

    Thanks, Teresa, my #1 fan. ;-)

  6. Kelly, you never know. This story is probably the most solidly-written that I've done, and my MC is, well, really really cool. I'd love to get critiques on it!

    Katie, I was wondering if people would get a chuckle over that particular sentence. I wrote it and thought, Geez, how uppity! But I snickered afterward and decided to let it be. :)

  7. Your first and last sentences sort of tie-in, which is a masterful way to tell a story. See?

  8. Isn't that amazing! Thanks for pointing that out, Mirka! :)

  9. That's great that your sister feels so strongly about your book. Yay! =D I know how you must feel, because my daughter was the first one I let read my current YA novel WIP and she told me she loved it and I'd better hurry up and write more because she was dying to find out what happened. Yes, loved ones may be biased. But positive feedback goes a long way in motivating a writer to stick with a project, IMHO. So, I'm thankful for her interest.

  10. We gotta love our sisters. I mean, really. Of course, they are absolutely always right on. I believe that.

  11. Thanks, Trev! I shall. :)

    Ruth, it's true. Sometimes it feels like all you ever get is rejection, so sometimes any kind of positive feedback just makes it worthwhile.

    Actually, C. Lee, that's probably true. Sisters can be too kind, but they are also your sisters so they have no qualms in telling you what's wrong with your story. :)


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