Saturday, October 15, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday 10/15/11

Here they are, in no particular order:

1.) Today is my li'l sister's birthday. Hippo Birdy, Tiny!

2.) My storyboard's sorta coming along... I wish I didn't have such an abysmal headache! :-)

3.) Phantom of the Opera is the best thing to listen to if you're trying to warm up your vocal cords.

4.) Did you know it's vocal CORDS, and not vocal CHORDS? I think I knew it, but not consciously.

5.) Monday are private lessons for singing! So e'citing!

6.) Finished reading The Unwanted's, by Lisa McMann (which was okay) and Pegasus by Robin McKinley (which was better but made me wonder if there's supposed to be a sequel, 'cause it didn't quite feel like it ended).

How about you? What are your six sentences?

God bless!


  1. Happy birthday to your sister! I love the music from Phantom, but I can't sing like that at all. LOL. Trying to work when you have a bad headache is torture. I feel for you. Hope it goes away soon!

  2. Here are six sentences:

    My sister's birthday is next week.
    I have a headache too.
    I agree Phantom of the Opera has some good songs for vocalization.
    I also agree that chords or cords might be confusing.
    I used to sing, but now I only sing once a week at church with everyone.
    I just finished reading the Wedding by Nicolas Sparks.

  3. Kelly, one of my dreams in life is to hit that high E flat (or is it E?) the Christine hits in the Phantom of the Opera vocalisation bit. I've hit a high D, but not the E yet. :(

    Eve, sorry about the headache! Mine was sort of a sick one, and rubbing my neck or back didn't help. A shower did help a little, but lights were awful. Today I'm a bit better.

    HOORAY for the Phantom, eh?

  4. My six:
    BD, Yay!
    Writing done.
    House needs cleaning.

  5. Mirka, all I have to reply with is my favourite acronym ever: LOL!

  6. Hmm six sentances, let me think:
    1. Dance Night
    2. Want to finish the book I am reading, but doubt I'll have time for it today.
    3. Wonder if Taco Salad would work for dinner?
    4. Why is there dog slobber on my leg?
    5. How bad would it be to have another cup of coffee?
    6. I didn't know that about "chords" vs. "cords"


  7. Hi Cat,

    1. Happy Birthday (belated) to your sis!
    2. was sick most of last week so I can sympathize on the headache =(
    3. I've been listening to my Parachute every time I'm in the car, soon I'm going to be out of touch with what's new on the radio.
    4. I bumped into a woman who used to be part of our writing group and was excited to find out that her book has been published!
    5. I have four books going right now and the one I really want to read most is the one I should read last because the others will be due at the library any day now.
    6. I baked toll house cookie bars over the weekend and my daughter made oatmeal scotchies - I may need to consider joining a gym soon ;)

  8. Courts, I absolutely LOVED your numbers 4 and 5. I giggled so loud!

    Ruth, I love seeing you stop by my little cyber-home. I so understand about having a certain book you WANT to read and know you shouldn't because the other books are due. HATE that. But love it, too. :)


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