Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The best things come in threes

Some of the best things in the world comes in threes.

Look at children's stories. Look at Goldilocks. She goes to the Bears' house, tastes three bowls of porridge, sits in three different chairs, and lays down in three different beds. Of course, when the three Bears come home she jumps out a window in fright, but aside from that, the Rule of Three plays out beautifully.

Look at the three little pigs. They each build a house - one of straw, one of wood, and one of brick - and the wolf comes and huffs and puffs on houses one, two, and three... even though he doesn't knock number three down. Again, here's the Rule of Three.

Look at Jack and the Beanstalk. He goes up the stalk three times before the giant chases him down and Jack is able to kill him. Three again.

My favourite things in life come in groups of threes. God, family, and books.

Food comes in three stages. Preparatory, (chopping, mincing, blending, etc.) cooking, and EATING! :)

Take a look at plants. One of the most famous plants, the clover, has three petals.

Look at the virtues. Faith, hope, and charity are a group of three.

Families are arranged in groups of threes. Father, mother, and children.

Then my favourite. God is Three Persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


  1. I recently blogged about the rule of three in writing and several people commented on how the rule of three is everywhere, not just in writing. It's so true!

  2. Yes, I've noticed the rule of threes. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great post, Cat. :) As writers we're familiar with the threes, but I love how you point out all the other things in life that come that way. I'd never really thought about that before.

    It reminds me, too, that Jesus was three days in the tomb. I think all these fairytale concepts are Bible-based.

  4. Great post on the rule of three. Love all your examples. You're right, the best things do come in three's. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kelly, I LOVED your rule of three post! :)

    Beverly, a reminder is always good, isn't it?

    Londy, I never thought about fairytales being Bible-based, but I bet you're right. They all have really great morals, don't they? I LOVE fairytales.

    Dawn, I just love it when you comment. You're always so sweet. You're welcome.

  6. Cat this is a beautiful post, I really enjoyed it. I particularly enjoy posts that are not too difficult to understand but cause one to think, have a touch of spirituality and are not too long! You've achieved it all here. Well done!

  7. Elizabeth, thanks so much. I appreciate it. :)

  8. Cat,

    I love the rule of three in writing. I think it works beautifully. I never really thought about it in other ways so thanks for making me think!


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