Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo... Day 4

Hurray, I hit my word count goal for the week. Know what that means? I get a Starbucks coffee. Oh yeah!

One thing I wanted to share. I received a critique from a friend at my Writer's Retreat a few weeks ago. He's a fantastic critic, and he made an excellent point that I just wanted to share.

When you are writing, and you want to change your passive voice to an active voice, simply do this: Go through, find all the verbs that end in "ing", and change MOST of them to "ed". Believe it or not, that automatically takes your writing to the stronger active voice.

My second thing I wanted to share: Cut extraneous adverbs. Don't rely on three different words, all the time, to say one thing. SAY JUST THE ONE THING.

Good night! Happy writing. Yay for NaNo! Have fun with me.

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