Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seeing Red... not really

Getting published is fantastic. Getting published, and getting PAID for your work is even better!

My article, "Seeing Red," is about ladybugs, different facts I found out about them, and an interesting story about where the origin of their name came from. It was actually an assignment I did for the Institute of Children's Literature. I believe it was my fourth assignment. I had to do a non-fiction article, and I was like, "WHAT!!? Non-Fiction? News flash. I don't DO NF."

Today, I found out that, actually, yes, I do. I'm a writer. I write, and about anything! (Check out my "Reaper's Son" post, to read about venturing out of one's safety zone.) Non-Fiction can be fun, and I found it really was fun. I LOVE ladybugs, and it's all because I did the research and read up on them. Now, I've found a safe home for my ladybug article at Super Teacher Worksheets.

Every night I come home from work, and I realise how blessed I am to have the drive and imagination God gave me for writing. I love it. It's a job I can come back to all day every day and always be fired up, ready to go, and eager to learn more. It's a tough job. Who REALLY loves criticism? But it's rewarding. The thoughts you think, the dreams you dream, the ideas you share, last. They live on forever. And that is something.

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